No artwork? No Problem

If you do not have artwork we can design it for you, based on your brief. Note that design/artworking is charged at an hourly rate.

Please phone us on 0141 647 1258 or e-mail for a quote and to arrange an appointment.

File Format

All major design packages are accepted, including Illustrator CSCC, Photoshop CSCC, InDesign CSCC, QuarkXPress 6 and Freehand 10. Previous versions of each program are accepted, too. If your software version is more recent than ours, please back-save your files to the versions above.

We cannot accept Corel Draw or Publisher files. We can open Word or Powerpoint files, but there will be a charge for us to convert the artwork to a printable format, and problems may occur.

The preferred format for print files is EPS or TIFF format. We can open PDF files, but it can present issues if we need to edit the file at all before print (e.g. adding hems to banners). Source files are therefore preferable and may be requested if required.


Please ensure that all fonts on your file have either been outlined, or that the font files have been included with your artwork.

Scale & Resolution

Our general rule of thumb is that artwork containing bitmap images should be supplied at a minimum of 300dpi at quarter scale.

For really large artwork, where files are getting too large to work with, you may get away with a smaller scale or resolution.

Remember that large format print is generally viewed at a distance, so it doesn’t need to be as high quality as a printed brochure, for example. However, please avoid sending us artwork used on web-sites, as they are generally far too small for large format print.

Vector artwork is ideal where possible, as it can be scaled to any size and retain its sharpness.

When scaling artwork, please keep it to a round scale (eg 25% or 50%). Let us know the ratio and output size, too, so that we can scale it back up correctly when printing.

Also, be sure that your dimensions are in proportion. For example, A4 artwork can’t be scaled up to a 3 metre by 1 metre banner without us having to alter the layout of your artwork.


Whether or not bleed is required can depend on the job. It’s easier for us to remove bleed from artwork than it is for us to add it, so if in doubt add at least 10mm bleed on all sides, or phone to check.

Artwork For Cut Vinyl

When supplying artwork for cut vinyl graphics, it must be provided in vector format, so that our machine can read it. A Freehand or Illustrator file is suitable for this, Photoshop or Quark files are not.

Please ensure that any fonts or strokes used have been outlined.

Visual Proofs

It is advisable to include either a printed visual, or a low resolution JPEG or PDF with your artwork, so that we can check that what we are printing matches what you expected it to look like. If you would like us to e-mail a proof back to you before printing, please let us know.

Colour Matching

Our digital printing systems cannot provide a 100% accurate Pantone colour match. When critical colour matching is required, we can run test swatches for you to choose the closest match from, though this is chargeable. You must request this before we print, otherwise we can’t accept responsibility for inaccuracy of colours.

How To Send Your Artwork

• Files under 10MB can simply be e-mailed to us. Please send to

• Files over 10MB can be sent via a file transfer site such as WeTransfer, MailBigFile or YouSendIt.

• Alternatively you can post or drop off a CD or DVD at our office.

Please make sure you have already placed your order separately with details of your requirements, so that our artwork department are expecting your artwork and will know what to do with it when it arrives.

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