BT Murrayfield Stadium

Stadium Signage 

As part of the overall BT stadium sponsorship brand exercise, we were asked to take on the design, manufacture and installation of the BT Murrayfield stadium signage.

This consisted of two internal signs on the roof rim behind each of the goals and two larger units on the external structure of the East and North stands.

We worked closely with the stadium staff, the local planning authority and the structural engineers to deliver a solution that satisfied the sponsor, was in keeping with the existing stadium hardware and maintained the overall integrity of the main structural steelwork. The completed project was delivered on budget and on time.

Each of the East and North stand signs required over six tonnes of structural steel to be hung from the existing stadium structure. This was all craned into place and installed using clamps and without drilling or fixing into the stadium steelwork. No easy feat while working at over one hundred feet above the ground.

Large format printed vinyl for Murrayfield Stadium.

The main signage panels and built-up aluminium letters were installed onto this framework. The letters are over six feet tall and overall, each sign contains in excess of 2000 LED light modules.

The finished sign achieved the desired effect with the BT Murrayfield brand visible across the city. The scale of the sign is entirely in keeping with the grandeur of the facility and is an iconic part of the national stadium.

BT Murrayfield banners on matchday